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Avoid False Hopes for True Colors

Applying for a trademark is an important step towards protecting a company’s brand so it can gain and maintain market share and profitability. However, too many companies make the common mistake of believing that they have something protectable eve… Read More
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How Can a College Athlete Protect His/Her Brand?

In June of 2017, the University of Virginia signed a contract with its Division I athletes, which affords the athletes specific written assurances from he university regarding medical expenses, scholarships, transfer releases, and degree completion.… Read More
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Racial Slur Incident Proves the Value of Social Media in Brand Protection

I’ll be the first to admit that I was slow to recognize the value of social media. I’m now a convert, for a variety of reasons, but a recent story drove home the necessity of a social media presence for a brand in today’s world. According to US… Read More
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