General Counsel Practice

We understand that many emerging businesses have in-house counsel needs but are not in a position to absorb an in-house counsel salary. TFPC's attorneys help our business clients make smart legal decisions and, through our experience — whether as former in-house or outside counsel — have identified the primary general legal issues that most emerging businesses face. With experienced attorneys who have counseled clients through a multitude of legal issues in various industry sectors, our innovative General Counsel practice allows our business clients to engage the Firm on a monthly retainer basis. This allows clients to grow their businesses with the benefit of confidence in legally-sound decisions at every turn, at a predictable price.

Our General Counsel practice is also intended to bridge the gap between outside counsel and corporate in-house lawyers. Our attorneys work closely with our in-house lawyer clients to deliver the appropriate level of service within an agreed-upon budget (no matter how large or small) to allow them to meet the legal needs of their clients — most often the corporation’s executives. For some of our clients, we simply act as a sounding board and provide guidance on a particular tricky legal issue. For others, we take on an entire project or litigation. When corporate counsel needs take on multi-disciplinary facets, we pull together the right experience and the right budget to get the project done.

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