Intellectual Asset Protection
“ … expert in complex financing and intellectual property …” – D CEO Magazine

Based on practical experience, TFPC's intellectual asset protection attorneys counsel clients on creating strategic programs to harvest, manage, and exploit intellectual assets, specifically tailored to each client’s business goals and corporate structure. The Firm also litigates disputes involving intellectual assets.

Some Firm attorneys have had the rare and unparalleled experience of building an intellectual asset development program from scratch for a Fortune 500 company. Implementing these programs requires companies to change their organizational dynamic from one of giving away intellectual assets to one of recognizing their value, protecting them against loss, and realizing their potential. Building these programs requires creating incentive structures, educating researchers and others about intellectual asset protection, drafting and implementing procedures, and developing monetization vehicles. It also requires an innovative approach to protect intellectual assets at little or no cost. For example, one of the Firm’s attorney’s innovations — an airline flying “tribute planes” to protect the brands of acquired airlines — is now widely imitated across the airline industry.

The Firm also has extensive contacts with leading providers of investment capital to support new technologies and discoveries. Our mortgage-backed securities work has connected the Firm with an unmatched number of capital sources, which are critical to any successful, large-scale monetization of inventions. Our experience in securitization – the creation of investment vehicles tied to a cash flowing asset (such as a loan or licensing revenue) – helps us recognize opportunities for companies to generate revenue.

TFPC was built on innovation, something inventive and imaginative clients can appreciate. The Firm’s creativity and innovative strategies can help to enhance, protect, and monetize our clients’ ingenuity.

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